Actuators for surgery table in hospital

We develop and produce brushless DC servomotors (BLDC, also called EC motors), brushed DC motors, including a full range of planetary, helical and worm gearboxes on customer request with brakes and encoder systems. The product range of GEFEG-NECKAR Antriebssysteme GmbH includes drive solutions up to 750 watts.


The following reasons for using Gefeg Neckar EC motors:

- Long life span

- High efficiency

- Integrated control in the engine

- Infinitely adjustable

- Low noise engines and transmissions

- Optionally combined with gearbox


Areas of application Gefeg propulsion systems:

- Adjustment of the operating tables

- adjustment of the chairs

- Accommodation of the beds

- Drive for deer equipment

- Drives for wheelchairs

- Drives for elevator doors

- drives in the operating room

- Drives of pumps in the laboratory and medical sector

Drives for laboratory equipment

Turntable, metering and lifting drives

Drivesystems for Rehab device

Very soft and smooth movement protects the joints. The electric magnetic brake system has been developed according to the latest knowledge and guarantees (low-noise)-quiet and very constant movement. The soft exercise is very effectively and helps to protect your joints. In addition, no neighbour wherever subtenant or top tenant is disturbed by the quiet training.


Positive effects of regular training:

- Keep your agility in best conditions

- Strengthens the leg muscles

- Reduces tension

- Improves blood circulation

- Activates residual strength

- Strengthens psyche and well-being

- Strengthens the bones

- Increases mental performance


Characteristics of the motorized rehab device:

- Simple operation, clear display

- Floor leveling

- Stable and non-slip

- Low noise


Your health is our motivation I Gefeg Antriebstechnik:

- DC motor drive

- planetary gear

- Braking through the pedals as the exercise trainer required for the leg muscles

- Operation current brake including suppression according house use norms

- Higher performance and lower engine noise


Dosing drives for pharmaceutical industry

Dosing drives for filling plant for example eye drop

Drives for medical technology

Drives for elastical shaft